Improvements in Batch Cycle Times in Liquid Paint

Improvements in Batch Cycle Times in Liquid Paint

01| Challenge

  • Company making liquid paint in Batch Reactors and Mixers for Automotive and Industrial customers.
  • Wide variety of products – greater than 3000 parent products with more numerous SKU’s.
  • OEE – Upper 60% / Lower 70% / OTIF – 75-80%
  • Plant overall reactive / Reliability programs just beginning
  • Production Planning with frequent changes to the schedule
  • Relatively low demand and high cost to produce
  • OTIF performance poor
  • Additional Hidden capacity could mean less efficient plants could be consolidated resulting in higher utilizations at more efficient plants – Key Improve Cycle time, rationalize plants across the network and lower production costs.

02| Solution

  • Caravel developed a cloud-based Process Engineering Tool to evaluate cycle times by product, by work cycle, product family, sku, etc.
  • Tool was equipped with algorithm to mine data and actively look for opportunities.
  • Cycles times for key steps in the process were analyzed.
  • Work cells cycle time variability ranged typically based on number of products and type of technology
  • Product portfolio analysis also indicated a need to improve actual costing vs the current standard costing models
  • Large number of small volume products that were causing higher cycle times – robbing capacity from more frequently made products
  • Entire network was financially modelled to identify plants to consolidate.

03| Results

  • Key Product Portfolio initiatives were started with the business to reduce number of products and reduce complexity as well as improve margin
  • Improved view of operations – Top Most Difficult products to make
  • Improved Reliability Program increased Uptime by 5% and is still on-going
  • Key roles in the organization added to optimize production scheduling – ensure best asset and minimum changeover losses
  • Cloud Based Tool rolled out to actively / automatically analyze cycle times.


Site still in process of implementing


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