About Us

Welcome to Caravel

Devoted to driving significant and sustainable improvements.

Caravel Solutions is a service-driven organization. Since value is defined by customers, it is crucial that Caravel Solutions keeps its customers as the central focus in all aspects of our services.

This ensures a higher likelihood that services are accurately aligned to customers’ needs and expectations. Therefore, it is prudent for Caravel Solutions to follow a disciplined consistent approach to work process development or improvement as a business tactic for responding effectively and rapidly to customers to ensure their best possible experience.

Our History

Founded in 2011, we are former executives, leaders, engineers, and operators with decades of experience in manufactuing.

Our Mission

Caravel Solutions is devoted to driving sustainable improvements in manufacturing operations worldwide.

Our Vision

“To inspire and capture the imagination of innovation within operations management for the manufacturing industry.”
An Integrated Approach

What is our Process?

Caravel Solutions becomes an extension of your team to provide a comprehensive approach evaluating all aspects of your manufacturing operation. We can provide your company with a baseline assessment that allows you to see how you stack up versus “best in class” manufacturing operations.

Assess and Evaluate

We paint a picture through benchmarking, technology competitive analysis, best in class manufacturing practice comparisons, and detailed asset performance analysis of what the full potential of manufacturing assets could be.


We then work with site leaders to align the manufacturing goals and build a detailed implementation plan to close gaps, capture opportunities and make a higher performance more reliable future happen.

Plan and Design

People, Processes, and Technology are key components to making any improvement successful and sustainable. We provide the expertise and knowledge to focus on these key components to ensure success.

Launch and Sustain

Expand on value by repeating what one facility can do and scale across the entire organization for sustainable growth.