4X Impact to EBITA for Nonwoven Producer

4X Impact to EBITA for Nonwoven Producer

01 | Challenge

To improve profitability by implementing Operations Excellence globally as well applying OPEX to new acquisitions for Nonwovens producer.

  • Nonwoven fabric for Baby Diapers, Feminine Hygiene, Construction, etc.
  • Private Equity firm had acquired Nonwovens company and was dissatisfied with Operating Performance – PE engaged Caravel to assess / benchmark performance relative to Best-in-Class.
  • Sites acquired had originally been different companies and had a wide variety of standards and practices that were not consistent.
  • Most sites were reactive with regards to Operating, Maintenance & Reliability Practices – Supply Chain planning was mixed.
  • Client expectations were to standardize, develop a common operating platform and then turn that into a system that could be leveraged for more roll-up acquisitions was used to analyze and benchmark two acquisitions in North America and South America.
  • Caravel OPEX Program was implemented at new sites.

02 | Solution

Benchmark model site and pilot OPEX program created.

  • All sites globally were assessed – more than $40 Million/yr. of profitability improvements were identified.
  • A model site benchmark standard was established based on:
    • Technology
    • Standard Organization and Staffing Expectations
    • Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations
    • Key Work Processes Expectations
  • All plants were compared to the model site with considerations made for technology, age, condition of equipment, country, workforce capability, etc.
  • Goals and Action Plans were developed for each site.
  • Progress was tracked by the newly created OPEX organization.
  • Caravel OPEX Pilot Program was implemented at four sites.
  • The internal team was trained to roll out to other sites.
  • Caravel was engaged on two new acquisitions in North America and South America with Caravel OPEX Program as benchmark basis.

03 | Results


  • Operations Excellence Framework and Best Practices implemented across internal sites as well as new acquisitions.
  • Company and new acquisition roll-ups were ultimately sold by private equity.
  • Benefits to Private Equity were 3-4X impact to EBITDA.


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