Peter Bobbe, Senior Consultant

Peter Bobbe, Senior Consultant

Maintenance & Operations Specialist - Europe

As Caravel’s senior maintenance and operations specialist, Peter Bobbe is an expert at conducting maintenance and reliability performance assessments and executing operational change management. He has led and successfully managed many large-scale transformation/organizational change projects engaging stakeholders from the shop-floor level up to Global Management.

Armed with over 25 years of experience he has contributed to the identification and capture of hundreds of millions of dollars of improved production uptime, quality improvement, incremental output, service improvement towards the customers and reduced maintenance and capital spending for clients.

His experience includes maintenance department redesign and reorganization, evaluation, and consulting in the implementation of planning, scheduling, and materials coordination of maintenance work as well as driving a continuous improvement culture in an operational environment.

People development and a positive management involvement, Peter, believes, is critical to the success of operational change. He works with leadership to ensure the leaders are engaged, supportive and a role model to others in the organization.

Peter has a background in Electrical Engineering. He lives in Alphen (NB), The Netherlands. Peter is fluent in Dutch(native), English and German.