Bert Visser, Senior Consultant

Bert Visser, Senior Consultant

Business Transformation Specialist - Europe

Bert’s career spanned almost 24 years with Dow Chemicals with various roles and projects. His roles included various technical and operational support roles and well Human resource and change management roles. During his last part of is career with Dow Chemical he focused on merging and acquired company and led the adaptation of Dow’s Operation Discipline System.

He demonstrated leadership and success in organizations that needed strategic change, transformation and improvement, applying knowledge of his change management skills as well as his skills in business transformation using disciplined work systems.

Bert has also delivered l workshops on organizational behavior to attendees across the entire span of organizational hierarchy. These workshops are focused on providing attendees with tools that enrich conversation to drive improved relationships for sustainable success.

Bert has worked in consulting operational management for international clients to do organizational assessments and follow up coaching and improvements-implementation to reach higher performance and better bottom line results. Focus on work processes, leadership coaching, org structure improvements, culture change, etc. Have been active at multinationals in Europe, USA and Latin America. Bert is fluent in Dutch (native) and English and speaks German.