Allen Lasater, Senior Partner

Allen Lasater, Senior Partner

Senior Consultant

Prior to 2016, Allen’ career spanned 25 years with Koch Industries.

During his career with Koch, Allen held key manufacturing positions such as:

President of Koch Alaska, VP of International Operations, Ventures Leader – Northern Tier, Director of Strategic Operations and Planning, Director of Operations Excellence, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, President of Reis Remediation Company, Director of Chemicals Technology, General Manager of Aromatics, Business Development Manager and, Plant Manager for a wide range of Koch Industries owned companies ranging from Flint Hills Resources to Koch Nitrogen and Energy Services to Koch Chemical Company

During his tenure with Koch, Allen led significant improvements in Manufacturing and Operating performance. He was involved in capital projects, turnarounds and plant management activities. He also participate on numerous (approximately 30-50) acquisition / due diligence and divestiture activities across industries such as petrochemicals, polymers and plastics, specialty chemicals, fertilizer and agriculture chemicals.

Since 2016, Allen has consulted for companies such as Dupont and Kraton assessing manufacturing and operating performance and assisting in implementing industry best practices.