What We Do

Caravel Solutions is a management & technical consulting firm that specializes in the manufacturing industry. We have delivered hundreds of millions of dollars per year for our clients by optimizing asset utilization, troubleshooting technical problems, improving yield and quality and reducing manufacturing costs. Unlike most consulting firms, our strength is not only in identifying opportunities. We leverage seasoned experts to implement focused tactical initiatives in the field that capture the savings and make them sustainable. Our consultants are former manufacturing executives, leaders, engineers and operators with decades of experience.

How We Do It

Operations Excellence & Operating Discipline

Our Solution - Focus on the Shop-floor

There is a prevailing view that in order to transform and change an organization you have to focus on leadership. The old saying 'organizations are a reflection of the leaders who run them’ is a perfect example of this line of thinking. But what happens when leaders change?

Our unique approach, Simplify, Engage, and Commit™, forces leadership to establish clear, simplified direction and create a culture centered around engagement. To accomplish this, we’ve created Area Business Teams™ ; a technique that dramatically increases engagement within the shop-floor organization and forces full ownership of safety, quality, uptime, cost and profitability. Everyone in the organization, including leadership and the shop-floor, must be culturally and habitually committed to operating discipline and operations excellence.

Our Secret - Operating Discipline Must Become a Shop-floor Habit

Endless experience shows, nothing is sustainable unless it is embraced and owned by the shop-floor.

Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices

Our Solution - Start with Operations

Best in Class Operations organizations own the equipment and the maintenance budget, and effective operators understand their part in the process. Best in Class Maintenance organizations do not say “we fix things.” Instead, they say “we keep things running”. Our approach focuses on making sure everyone has a good understanding of “what” they need to do and more importantly “why” they need to do it, so that the plant equipment is kept running and in a healthy condition.

Our Secret - Culture of Reliability

Good reliability goes beyond a set of tools and expertise. It is a cultural thing that is owned by everyone.

Business-Manufacturing Strategic Planning

Our Solution - Factory of the Future

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and yet, Western Manufacturing is still incredibly short-sighted. Most manufacturing companies we encounter have 3-5 year business plans. However, the plans rarely drill down to specific manufacturing assets and what will be expected of them in the future.

Our Business Technology Plan approach focuses on driving the business strategy and objectives down through every site and every asset; which ensures that there are clear 3-5 year business horizon plans for all manufacturing assets in a global enterprise. We also put a strong emphasis on new technology and strongly encourage that new advances are fully considered and harnessed.

Our Secret - Line of Sight

Every asset, be it human, machine or otherwise needs to be explicitly connected to the business strategy and objectives. If they don’t connect, they don’t add value.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Solution - Options are Worth the Money

Most Mergers & Acquisitions look for cost reduction synergies. However, there are usually much bigger, untapped opportunities particularly in optimizing how new acquired assets will integrate into your portfolio. Not only do we evaluate how target assets are being operated, but also how they fit strategically. We analyze a wide array of strategic options that exist at the manufacturing level, and advise which ones will be the most profitable.

Our Secret - Control the Information

Our extensive experience in the manufacturing industry enables us to efficiently analyze large amounts of information and extract key insights that will have the greatest impact on your operations.

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